Popups, Fonts and Links

Customization goes beyond just map features. In Carta Maps you can also customize map popups, fonts and links.
Popups display the entered content for markers and boundaries.
Its most helpful if you select a marker or boundary before starting to customize popups.
Click on the "paint" icon on the left hand navigation menu and click on "popups".
Screenshot of the clicking on the paint/theme icon
There are 10 attributes to customize for popups ranging from text sizing to colors and shadows.
Click back out into the Theming page and now click on "Fonts".
You can select from over 1400 fonts provided by Google Fonts. Simply search for the font and select it. Primary fonts are applied to all headings while secondary fonts are applied to all remaining text areas.
Lastly, click back out to Theming and select "Links".
Links are buttons inside the popups that link users out to websites, documents and more.
Customize how these links look by changing the size, color, and more.

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