Embedding Your Map

Embedding your map on your website is extremely simple. You also have the option to embed the full map or, the exact current view you are on.
Click on the "Share" button on the top right of your screen.
Select "Link Whole Map" option to create an embed code that will load the whole map.
Select "Link Current View" option to create an embed code that will default the map to the same exact view on your screen right now. This includes latitude, longitude, bearing, pitch and zoom levels.
The embed code field has a "copy" icon on the bottom right, click on that and your code will automatically be copied into your clipboard.
Screenshot of the copying the embed code
Go to your website CMS and simply paste in the embed code on to your page.
Want a wide or taller embedded map, simply update the height and width values in the code when you paste it into your website.

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