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Updating Base Map Theme

To start customizing, click on the "paint" icon on the left hand navigation menu.
Screenshot of the clicking on the paint/theme icon
Click on the "Base Layer" button to open the theme selector.
By default, Carta Maps provides 6 options to choose from. To update the map, simply click on a new theme and the map will immediately update.
Screenshot of the the 6 available base map layers
Want to build your own custom theme? Head over to and create an account. There you can create your own map theme and import it into Carta Maps.
Importing your theme from Studio is easy. Click on "Manage Themes".
In the popup, you can manage all your custom themes. Click on "Add Theme" to import a new one.
Provide the layer name, URL from Studio and the private key. The private key allows Carta Maps to download the theme from Studio.
Screenshot of the theme addition form
Click "Save".