Build Custom Interactive Maps

Inbox user interface

Design Your Map with Ease

Our intuitive styling tools make it simple to customize your map's appearance. Effortlessly manage and edit styles for the entire map, specific groups, or individual elements.

Collaborate with your team to improve your maps. Work together in real-time for better aesthetics and functionality.

Your Dynamic Toolkit

Bring your map to life with the Map Toolbar—your trusty toolkit for creating stunning maps with unrivaled precision. Drop pins, draw polygons and shapes, add images, or tap into a vast boundary dataset for that extra edge.

Insanely Fast Search

Experience lightning-fast search for both locations and boundaries.

Draw Anything Anywhere

Use advanced drawing tools and make your map your canvas.

Curated Boundary Finder

Choose from over 70k boundaries to create area maps even faster.

Geocode Bulk Data

Import and geocode up to 10,000 rows of data in seconds.

Custom Polygons

Draw your own shapes directly on the map for precise area marking and data representation.

Easy Radius Tool

Quickly create circles of any size, perfect for highlighting areas of interest or defining zones.

Image Layer

Overlaying images to providing additional context and visual appeal to your data.


Easily plot and visualize paths or journeys directly on your map.

Recurring Imports

Automate data updates with a single click, ensuring your data is always up to date.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Speed up your process with handy keyboard shortcuts, designed for speed and ease of use.


Share your map where it matters most

Works with Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Framer, Webflow and more. Simply copy the code and paste it onto your platform.

Embed & Share Anywhere

Embed your map or share our hosted map links anywhere online.

Export to Image

Export your map to a hi-res image or printable PDF.

Downloadable QR Code

Create a unique QR code linking users back to your public map.

Explore the Possibilities

You can build many different types of maps and they can all be beautiful. From simple pins to more complex boundaries, Carta Maps opens the door to endless possibilities.

Guide customers to your doorstep

Build a Store Locator Map that makes it easy for them to find you, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

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Store Locator

Empower your sales strategy

Visualize key territories, streamline decision-making, and elevate your team's performance.

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Sales and Marketing

Craft an immersive event map

Seamlessly plan and share event details, ensuring attendees stay engaged and informed.

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Events & Conferences

Perfect Your Campus Experience

Create a seamless Campus Map enhancing navigation for students, faculty, and visitors.

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Campus Maps


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Entry level features to create custom maps.


When billed annually. Or $19.00 billed monthly.

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  • Plan Features
  • No Code Builder
  • Customize Everything
  • Up to 1,000 Map Points
  • Grouping and Filters
  • Theme Designer
  • Publish & Embed Anywhere
  • Crowdsourcing
  • Map Drawing Tools
  • Export as Image
  • Print Maps


Great tools for creating and customizing your own amazing map.


When billed annually. Or $29.00 billed monthly.

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  • Basic Plan Features +
  • Unlimited Map Points
  • Sidebar Customization
  • Popup Customization
  • Private & Protected Maps
  • Duplicate Maps
  • Bulk Import
  • Third Party Integrations
  • 1,000 Geocode Requests
  • US/Canada Boundary Data


Next-level tools for advancing your team's mapping capabilities.


When billed annually. Or $149.00 billed monthly.

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  • Standard Plan Features +
  • Realtime Collaboration
  • 3 Seats Included
  • 10,000 Geocode Requests
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Premium Support
  • Prioritized Feature Requests
  • Prioritized Chat Support
  • Brand Templates*

Education & Non Profits

Our Basic plan is free for Schools and Non-Profits.

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